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Bill was born in Quill Lake, schooled at Quill Lake and Watson, Saskatchewan and graduated with a B.Ed in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Saskatchewan. After a 32 year career as a teacher in Maryfield, Bill retired in 1988 to continue on a full time basis, a lifelong interest in nature and wildlife, drawing and painting.
From an early age, Bill exhibited expertise in pencil and pen and ink drawing. With graphic artists as diverse as Albrecht Durer, Frank Frazetta, Virgil Findlay and Jack Davis as his inspiration and influences, he developed his own drawing style and interpretation of the nature subjects that so characterize his work.
Bill was largely self taught and he worked in most media with varying degrees of success and satisfaction. In 1989 Bill discovered scratchboard and in his experimentation with the medium, developed different and extremely detailed handling of the art form, often extending detail into the background and utilizing water colour in his coloured works. His approach and handling of scratchboard is unique, not emulated by other scratch artists.
Bill continued to depict all kinds of wildlife in explicit detail and  began emphasizing other aspects of the natural world along with animal subjects. A growing fascination with the patterns, shapes and colours of lichens on rocks and mosses and other bryophytes and fungi on the tree trunks and stumps, led to their incorporation into his work, augmenting the animal shapes,that always fascinated him and in some cases, putting the animal in a secondary position on the composition.
Beauty is found not only in a tigers sleek form and in the majestic bearing of a soaring bald eagle but also in the shape of a solitary rock covered with colourful lichen or a moss covered knarked log caught by a shaft of sunlight.
More and more, natural forms and inanimate objects found their way into his work. Till finally almost any topic found its way into his work, including portraits.
Bill had a number of one man shows and as a member of various art groups participated in numerous art shows, sales and charity auctions. His work is found in collections throughout North America and in Europe. Bill demonstrated and conducted workshops in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and shared his talent with many,
Always the friend, teacher, artist and mentor.
Bill working in his studio /04

Bill touching up the Maryfield Deer , summer/05